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For several consecutive Sundays, the Love of God has been preached in our church and I can’t help but be amazed at the expanse of God’s love for mankind.

Over and over again, we heard it being said that we have to extend this love to our fellows, in the most expressive way that we can, leaving all selfishness aside, and just plainly offer our service to those who are in need, be there for those who love us, and go as far as loving those who hate or dislike us.

A Christian who genuinely seeks to please the Lord would work hard in loving his neighbor as his own self. After all, Paul made it clear that even after doing all the kind deeds we know, if love is lacking, then it all means nothing. Our motives should be always in line with God’s will, and His ultimate will for us in this world is to be the ‘light’ and ‘salt’ to the people. We can’t passionately do that unless we truly love.

As we seek on being the person that God wants us to be, we may find it hard to do things with love all the time.
How could you possibly love someone who is intenionally hurting you?
How can you love someone who does everything to destroy you?
How can you love someone who cause pain to your family?
How can you love someone who ruins your reputation?
How can you love someone who tears you down?

In my post about Essau, we know how everything turned all right in the end even when Essau was very angry after Jacob stole his father’s blessing. But of course, before they crossed paths again, Essau had enough time to meditate, accept, and get over with his grief and anger. We don’t know how long it took for him to finally forgive his brother, but I’m certain that it took time. Like any other painful circumstance that we encounter, it always takes time to heal the wounds of a scarred soul.

I know that at times, it would seem impossible for us to simply show genuine kindness to people who angers us, especially when the issues involve are still fresh and we still feel outraged about what has been done to us.
But it’s part of working to live for the Lord.

The things that may look so hard at first may be the very things that will be most beneficial for us in the end. They can help us become stronger, wiser, and allow us to see the surprising lessons of life that we could use in the future.

So as the second quarter of the year begins, let us remind ourselves of our true purpose, our calling. And that is to introduce Jesus to everyone and extend His love even to those who are so hard to love. After all, the people who might be very hard to love are the ones who need love the most.

Share the love! ❤

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